1. METS Mark 3 Costs & Source Information

Item Name A Cost £ Source
Grub screw for cam Cost 0.1 Orbital Fasteners
Rououtcnc Stepper Driver 2.5A x 2 Cost 70 RoutoutCNC inc P&P
Stepper Motor NEMA 17 x 2 Cost 45.24 Astrosyn inc P&P
LED driver components Cost 3.18 ESR electronic components Ltd
Tension arm sensor components Cost 1.5 ESR electronic components Ltd
Cheese block connectors Cost 1 B & Q
PC USB to Serial Port converter cable Cost 3 Amazon UK
PIC 18F4550 Cost 2.88 Crownhill Associates Ltd
PIC 40 pin development board Cost 17.49 CSTech inc P&P
PIC programmer, socket & software Cost 9.18 Robokits India P&P ?
Step down Ring 49-43mm Cost 5 SRB or Crooked Imaging
Coupling Ring 49mm Cost 13 SRB
1/4 Whitworth set screw Cost 0.2 Orbital Fasteners
Screws, nuts, washers, lock nuts 3mm Cost 2 Orbital Fasteners
Screws, nuts, washers 6mm Cost 1 Orbital Fasteners
Slitting saws 1 3/4" 90Teeth x 2 Cost 16.66 Addison Saws Ltd inc P&P
Laptop PSU 20V 3A used Free 0 Used
External HDD enclosure PSU 12V & 5V Free 0 2nd use
Opal Gift 1 SRB
Film Gate Edge Type Made 1 Material only
Cam Made 1 Material only
Shuttle Guides & Frame Sledge Made 1 Material only
Chassis Faceplate & mounting Made 2 Material only
Film roller Guides x 6 Made 1 Material only
Winding arm chassis Made 1 Material only
Static axles for both 8 mm film reel sizes Made 1 Material only
LED mounting bracket Made 1 Material only
Tension arm mechanical assembly Made 1 Material only
Location pillars 8 off Made 1 Material only
Cam Rider Claw Scrap 0 Material only
Video Camera platform Scrap 0 Material only
Baseboard Scrap 0 Material only
Total   208.63  


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